Reflection on Impact of Technology

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Technology has come a long way, over time.  There have been so many advances and I can’t believe how much technology has changed, since I started school.  But with all of these changes come the need for precautions.  These technological advances have really benefited society, but there are also some negative impacts.  In order to use technology, in the current time, individuals need to be responsible  and aware of their own impact on technology.  We need to the negative impacts of inappropriate technology usage in both personal and professional uses.

In my school, we have school issued Chrome books and I don’t notice inappropriate use, since they are connected to the school wifi.  The worst I’ve seen is a student playing a game.  This is much improved from the past.  My school used to have a bring your own device policy and it was good in theory, but did have a couple negatives.  Students that brought their own laptops, didn’t have an issue.  Students that brought their phones or iPads, could use their personal data, therefore nothing was blocked.  There were a lot of issues with students getting on social media or inappropriate sites. There actually was a instance where a student sent something inappropriate and I can’t help but think that we might have allowed for the student to do that, when they said they were using it for an assignment.

Students can get into a lot of trouble, with social media. According to Lenhart, ” Fully 91% of teens go online from mobile devices at least occasionally.” (Lenhart, 2015)  If students aren’t taught about their impact on technology they might run the risk of using it inappropriate.  Students don’t always think to the future and think for the likes.  Everything on social media is so driven by getting the most likes or comments, that it turns into a priority for students.  They aren’t thinking for the future and how their posts could impact them.  They are thinking about if they can be popular and have a presence online.

We need to teach our students on their digital footprint.  We need to talk to them about situations in which individuals online activity affected their real world.  Students need to know that a comment, post or photo isn’t just a post it and forget it.  They need to be taught and aware that if they post it, it’s out in the digital world forever.  They also need to be taught that their digital footprint can be intentional and unintentional.  So they can’t just be responsibly posting themselves, they need to think about what others post. Students might think that a video or picture is harmless if they don’t post it, but what if the other person does or someone finds it and posts it?

This new digital world has been so helpful to many, but it can also be harmful.  Individuals need to be taught to be responsible online.  It isn’t like the past when people could get away with things.  Now everything is documented and memorialized online.  In order to be a responsible digital citizen, an individual must be aware of their digital footprint.


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